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Information about Alley Pharmaceutical

AlleyAlley Pharmaceutical is an innovative pharmaceutical company specializing in manufacturing & marketing hormonal based products (API) and peptides. It’s based in Northern Europe with manufacturing facilities in central Europe and China (GMP, WHO certified).

Our difference from the competition is that we are a European company following European standards and our major target group is European European customers. With Alley you can always be sure that you are using the highest possible grade product each and every time you use our products.

Alley’s goal is to provide and customer with a high standard product at reasonable cost.

Pros and cons of Viagra in bodybuilding

But consider the same pluses, minuses and other features of the use of Viagra in bodybuilding.

The first question that excites any person when it comes to medicines: Will this drug do any harm? What side effects are possible from its use? In addition, it is well known that various kinds of stimulants often do not influence the human body in the best way, they do harm.

In the case of Viagra, there is nothing to fear. This drug has virtually no contraindications, except that heart disease, myeloma, leukemia, which the athletes practically do not occur. Side effects of admission are rare, in the form of headaches or allergic manifestations. In the right dosage, sildenafil is not capable of causing serious harm to health. And this distinguishes Viagra Alley Pharmaceutical from common steroids and anabolics.

Alley Pharmaceutical kamagraThe benefit of Viagra lies in the expressed positive effect on the heart, the expansion of blood vessels and the effective improvement of blood flow in muscles, the drug can slightly lower blood pressure.

Another question that a sportsman may have: Will Viagra cause unwanted erections during training? The answer is no, it will not. Because, as we have already noted, Viagra affects only natural, natural mechanisms of the erection – without a corresponding “stimulus”, i.e. stimulation – sexual arousal will not arise Alley Pharmaceutical.

But here it is necessary to note the “reverse side of the coin”: with the constant use of Viagra for sporting purposes, its application for “direct use”, for intimate (if there are corresponding problems), can be useless, because the organism adapts to the drug.

Currently, anti-doping studies of sildenafil are conducted, it is possible that Viagra is recognized as a sport dope and banned. While the facility is available in any pharmacy.