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exercise plank

The 21st century dictates to us the rapid rhythm of life, and we are plank compelled to obey it. Not every woman has time to follow her appearance and visit fitness centers. However, who told you that to improve the figure you need to use expensive sports equipment? For example, to make your tummy flat and beautiful, you can also train at home. If you regularly carry out the exercise bar, the benefits and harms of which today will talk, then in a couple of months you will see the first results.

Surely you already had to meet with such promises of rapid weight loss. Today, this is a very urgent problem and many want to profit from the difficulties of others. This can explain the mass of ineffective dietary supplements for weight loss. Now we are talking about the performance of physical exercises, which in combination with a properly organized nutrition program will give excellent results.

plankAn interesting fact is that at present a plank serious struggle has developed between Tibet and India for the right to be considered the ancestors of this exercise. According to archaeologists found in the written sources of Europe of the Middle Ages, a similar exercise was actively used in the treatment of diseases of the back. It is also necessary to say here that practically in all the states of the Old World the bar is still considered to be the most effective exercise for the development of a large number of muscles.

This movement is part of the training programs of many well-known Western fitness experts. At the same time in the territory of our country the bar is not so popular, but it’s a matter of time. More and more girls and women are wondering what is the use, and harm of the exercise bar can be obtained. Learning about this movement in more detail, many begin to actively use it in their training programs.

Why is the plank so popular?

Let’s first understand why the plank exercise is so popular, and then we’ll talk about its usefulness and harm. The reasons for the popularity of the bar are quite an interesting topic, because there are a lot of other strength exercises. However, due to the following advantages, the effectiveness of the bar does not cause doubts:

  1. Availability – to perform the exercise, you do not need to purchase expensive exercise equipment or attend a fitness center for their use. You need only the desire to bring plank your body in order and a minimum of free space.
  2. Minimal time costs – we already said at the beginning of the article that in modern life it is often difficult to find free time for sports. To perform the bar, you have to spend a maximum of five minutes, and the first time will be enough and one.
  3. Practically all the muscles of the body participate in the work – as today there are about a hundred varieties of this exercise, then you will be able to work out all the muscles that are necessary to create a beautiful figure.
  4. Minimal efforts – of course, if you have not done sports before, it will be difficult for you, but the bar in any case is much easier in comparison with other exercises.

Benefit and harm exercise plank

Today, more often on the profile Web resources Runet appears information about the exercise bar, the harm and benefit of which today we will be considered. Very often this movement is attributed to truly miraculous effects – it pumps the muscles of the abdomen, raises the mood, speeds up the processes of lipolysis, etc. It’s time to figure out where the truth lies in these statements, and what can be considered simple myths.

– Strengthening of muscles – this is useless to argue with, and it is this effect that must be considered the most important. The spinal column undergoes severe stress, because many modern occupations assume a long time being behind a plank computer monitor. As a result, various injuries of the spine can occur. Through the exercise strap you can strengthen the muscular corset back and abdomen, and tighten the buttocks.

-Enhancing performance – scientists believe that with various curvatures of the spinal column, the quality of people’s lives deteriorates. First of all, it concerns the decrease in working capacity, the appearance of a feeling of drowsiness and even can cause disturbances in the work of internal organs. Strengthening the muscular corset of the body, you thereby increase your efficiency.

  • Losing weight – do not think that thanks to the bar you can get rid of a couple of tens of kilograms. However, in two weeks you can eliminate fat deposits in problem areas and increase the attractiveness of your figure.
  • Improves the sense of balance – the exercise is actually able to strengthen your vestibular apparatus. As a result, you will feel much more confident during the ice.
  • Increases willpower – for a person of 30 seconds or one minute is a brief instant, and we do not even notice this time. However, when you are in the position of the bar, everything will change. Training helps to increase willpower, and this will definitely help you in your daily life.
  • Heals the entire body – we said that exercise is extremely useful for the spinal column. In this case, the bar allows you to remove fatigue from the muscles that have accumulated during the working day, improve the functioning of the joint-ligament apparatus and even accelerate the recovery after previous injuries.

We just told you about the benefits of the exercise bar, but is there any harm from doing it? No less important issue are contraindications, because sports in certain diseases are not recommended. It is possible to say with full confidence that the bar will not bring harm to the plank body. But there are contraindications, although there are very few of them – it is not recommended to perform movement with high blood pressure and problems with the work of the heart muscle. Also, contraindications include PMS and pregnancy.

Classical plank: technique of implementation

We have already noted that there are about a hundred varieties of this remarkable exercise. Beginners plank on arms outstretchedare strongly encouraged to use the classic bar. When you master the exercise, and it will become very simple for you, you can move on to more complex options. To perform a classic exercise, you need to rely on the arms bent at right angles to the elbow joints. Brushes squeeze into a fist and connect, while resting against the ground with socks.

It is important to remember that the muscles of the abdomen should be in tension, but at the same time you should breathe deeply and deeply.

The body from the top of the head to the heels represents a straight line. Do not bend or arch your back. In such a static position, you plank must be between 30 seconds and one minute. If, during the movement, you have a slight burning sensation in your muscles, then this is normal. This fact shows that you are doing everything right, and your muscles are strengthening.

Very often beginning athletes can not understand how to take the right position. Let’s consider the exercise of the bar in stages:

  1. Accept the position on your knees and bend your arms in the elbow joints lean forward. Note that the hands should be located at the level of the shoulder joints.
  2. Slightly pull the neck forward so that it is parallel to the ground.
  3. Straighten your left leg and put it to the ground with your toe. Then do the same movement with your right foot.
  4. Straighten your back and strain the muscles of the press.

Varieties of exercise plank

We talked about the possible benefits and harms of the exercise bar, and also introduced you to the technique of performing the classical version. Let’s look at the most popular varieties of this movement.

  1. Plank on arms outstretched. Accept position, as if you are going to perform classic push-ups. In this case, the hands should be located strictly under the shoulder joints, and between the wrists and wrists should be an angle of 90 degrees. Connect your legs and straighten your body. It is also necessary to strain the muscles of the whole body and especially the abdomen.
  2. Side lath. Since when you perform this variety, you have to rely only on two points, then in the work will involve significantly more muscles in comparison with the classical version. As a result, plank with a fitballthe exercise becomes more effective. To make a side bar, you need to take the position lying on its side. The palm of the lower arm should be strictly under the shoulder plank joint, and the second pull upwards. Keep your legs straight, strain the muscles of your abdomen and lift the basin, leaning on your arm.
  3. Plank from the knees. This exercise is designed to maximize the use of the muscles of the press, back and shoulder girdle. If it is difficult for you to perform a classic version of traffic, we recommend it, since it is easier. First you need to get on all fours and move forward on your hands until the body looks like a straight line. Brushes should be connected to the lock, and legs crossed and raised.
  4. Plank with a raised leg. First you need to take the position used in the classic bar. Then it is necessary to raise your legs in turn.
  5. Plank with an outstretched arm. The initial position is a classic version of the bar. Pull forward alternately the right and left arm.
  6. Plank with the transition. Perform a classic exercise, holding the static position for ten seconds. After that, go to the side bar and hold the position for 10 seconds in each direction.
  7. Side lath with a spread. Adopt a position similar to the side bar, but it is necessary to rely not on the forearm, but on the straightened arm.
  8. Plank with a fitball. This exercise is intended for experienced athletes and except the fitball for its implementation you will need a low bench. Legs must be placed on the bench, and elbows should rest on the fitball.

Let’s consider in closing those changes that you quickly enough notice when you regularly perform the bar:

  • Buttocks – after 14 days the buttocks will acquire additional elasticity, and cellulite in this area of the body will also disappear;
  • back – posture will improve, shoulders straighten, disappear stoop and pain in the back;
  • legs – the muscles of the legs plank and thighs will catch up (in two months you will be able to wear short tight skirts, showing your beautiful legs);
  • tummy – the appearance of cubes should not wait, but girls do not need it (more importantly, the fat tissue will disappear and the stomach will become flat);
  • hands – the exercise perfectly strengthens the biceps and triceps, which will eliminate such a cosmetic defect as the sagging of the skin.