Exercises for the muscles of the back of women – choose your favorite complex

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exercises for the muscles of the back of women

Why is the back so important?

The back muscles is one of the most important parts of the body. The lack of daily muscle warm-up in this area can lead to uncomfortable and painful sensations. A trained back means:

  • A strong spine and graceful posture, which is an important attribute of female attractiveness.
  • The upper and lower parts of the body become more proportional due to the elaborate back (if suddenly you naturally have buttocks and hips visually greater than the chest. In addition, there is a visual reduction in the waist.
  • Normalization of digestion and beneficial effect on the work of the lungs.
  • Readiness to fully train your feet, as when working through them, the back is very powerful. Therefore, the dorsal muscles should be in tone.
  • Burning more calories than before. Since the back muscles are a large muscle group, their pumping results in burning more fat.

Training in the gym is not available to everyone. It takes more time, and most importantly involves often considerable financial expenses. To help you can come a mat, dumbbells, fitness ball. This minimal set will help to train at home with no less effect. You will see that with a minimum of time and money, you can achieve the desired result. The main thing is your strong desire to change for the better.

But for those girls who want to develop muscle back more quickly – the road only to the gym (well, as usual …). There is an opportunity to pump the back on all sorts of specialized simulators. About this just below …

Features of female back training

For women, there are a number of conditions that need to be taken into account when pumping the muscles of your back. Here, in what they are:

  1. In the training program must be present hyperextensions. Although this is not a rule of course, but back musclesvery desirable. You can perform on the floor of the house or on a special simulator. If you will use back muscles additional weight in the future, then it is recommended not more than 5 kg.
  2. Women need to strive to use basic exercises to work out the back, multi-joint. These include traction blocks on the simulator, pull-ups, traction dumbbells and barbells to the belt.
  3. Training should be multi-repetitive. At least 12-15 repetitions in the approach. This will ensure work on the terrain and make your back more outlined.
  4. Such exercises as deadlift (one of the most basic for the back) and deadlift – you need to do without fanaticism, because these exercises are excellent muscles and you can lose a thin waist. In this case, this will prevent you from maintaining a feminine silhouette.
  5. After each power approach, it is recommended to perform back stretching. For example, take a sitting position. Cross your legs, pull your hands back. Make turns left and right. Try to turn to the maximum point. Or you can just bend over, put your hands on your knees and bend your back for 10-20 seconds.

Exercises without burden

In any case, the first stage is important, laying the foundation of everything. So in back training. Do not immediately start with heavy techniques, using weighting. So you can overdo it and badly hurt yourself. Consider how you can do without back muscles weights and simulators in general:

  1. Lie on your stomach. Pull your arms forward along the body. Try to lift up straight arms and legs to the maximum height. This exercise is also called “superman”.
  2. Now bend your knees and, lifting your torso, try to touch the toes of your head with your toes. At the same time, tilt the head back.
  3. Remain lying on the floor. Cross your arms, put your face on them. Gradually raise your legs – the legs, and then the hips. The complexity of this exercise is greater than in the previous ones, so do not despair, when not everything can come out the first time.
  4. Hyperextension – for this exercise you will need either a special bench, or someone’s help to fix your legs. If you train at home, then after fixing your feet they will be parallel to the floor. Cross your arms over your chest or lead them by the head and slowly lean towards the floor, then slowly and centrally climb to the starting position.

We use the ball for fitness. This complex perfectly strengthens the spine, forms a correct posture. For an effective workout with a fitball, perform the following actions: lie down on the ball with your belly, while the legs should be as much as possible back muscles against the wall. Raise and lower the trunk. To increase the load, lift your legs higher. Exercise helps to train the lower back, buttocks and thighs.

Exercise at the gym

Here we will consider only those exercises that are usually performed in the gym, since they can not be performed at home without special equipment. They are the most difficult, but as always the most effective. And anyway, if it’s about training at home or in the gym, then you need to understand that the gym is much more effective.

Although, in this case, the girl must decide on the goals. If you just need a slim, trained back – then you can do it at home. If the goal is to pump up muscles, increase them in volumes, then the gym is unique. There is everything for this and the atmosphere is available. But you can also supplement the training in the gym with the lighter exercises described above – then it will be fine. So, let’s begin…

ATTENTION: the number of approaches of these exercises is 4-5 for about 15 repetitions.

1) TIGHTENING. Many girls can not pull themselves up on the bar, as this is a rather difficult exercise for unprepared ladies. But this problem is easy to solve. To do this, use a shock absorber to compensate for the rubber. Fix it to the horizontal bar. Legs should be conveniently located back muscles in its loop. Then grasp the horizontal bar with your hands, pull the belly as far as possible, reduce the blades, bend your muscles of the back of womenelbows. After reaching the crossbar, gently drop down. Take several approaches, counting your own strength.

It is better to increase the number of repetitions gradually, and not immediately try to fulfill their maximum number. Take a break – for 2 minutes. If you use compensation, the approaches should be at least 6, but if you abandon it, it will be enough and 4-5 approaches for 10-15 repetitions.

Also you can try to pull yourself by the head. On an exhalation we are pulled to a trapezium, it is desirable before its contact with a crossbeam. On inhalation slowly return to the starting point. In the first stages of training, the exercise may seem too complicated. It can also be facilitated using a shock absorber. But in the future it is worth to abandon it in order to increase the load and achieve the greatest effect. The maximum number of back muscles approaches is 4. Thus it is necessary to make from 8 to 12 pull-ups.

Another gadget that will help you learn to pull yourself up is the gravitron.

2) STAND THRUST. This is the basic exercise for the back muscles for both women and men.

3) PULLEY OF THE ROD IN THE TILT. Exercise is identical to pulling dumbbells in the slope, only here you need to pull the bar to the waist. Just fire-exercises for the back muscles, basic. The widest will be very pleased.

4) UPPER BLOCK BAND WIDTH. This exercise is performed on a special simulator. To begin with, you need to adjust the seat to your height and conveniently place the stop under your knees. Handle should be taken with a straightforward, wide grip. Chest serve a little bit of the chest and torso back about 30 °. Begin to pull the handle to the bottom of the pectoral muscles. Do it smoothly and feel the back muscles work. Then return the neck to its original position until the hands are fully straightened.

You can also change the grip and make it reverse. In addition, you can lower the handle by the head. If with pull-ups generally tight, especially for the head, then in the back muscles simulator you can choose a lighter weight than your own body.

5) BOTTOM OF THE LOWER BLOCK. Here you will mainly use the V-handle. Accordingly, your grip will be neutral. Sit on the bench of the simulator and rest your legs in the supports. Knees can slightly bend. Chest also forward, and in the lower back, bend a little. Pull the handle until the brushes come in contact with the stomach. Slowly return to the starting position.

Here you can try to use both a straight handle and a back grip for a change.

At this perhaps we will finish. Exercises now back muscles you just have a cloud – take and apply. For every taste and color, as they say. I wish you, dear girls of diligence in this matter. Let your back be beautiful and healthy.