Do girls like bodybuilders?

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The theme of today’s article is whether the girls like bodybuilders, is interesting enough and at the same time is ambiguous. It’s difficult to talk about all the girls in general. When writing the article, we carefully studied the statistics and now we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the results.

A feminine look at the inflated male body

When visitors to gyms are asked what they are training for, you can often hear the following answers:

  • I want to support and improve my health;
  • it is necessary to increase self-esteem;
  • always dreamed of a beautiful body;
  • completely senile, you need to put yourself in order.

However, in part, these answers are not true. All the talk about health and other things can certainly be girls like bodybuildersconsidered sincere, but every man will agree that we go to the hall for our beloved girls. All people are very vain and it is important for them to see the results of their work around them. Doing something for yourself is extremely difficult and in such a girls like bodybuilders  situation the majority within a month or two or more would give up training.

It is very doubtful that if you find yourself, say, on an uninhabited island, you would continue to be actively engaged. Another thing, if soon there was a girl. Of course, all of the above is true for the most part for men of years to 35. Then the priorities change, because the family has already been created, and the career is built. However, we will continue to discuss the topic – do girls like pitching, and to what extent it is worth pumping the muscles.

The opinion of women about the massaging of bodybuilders

Here you should immediately decide on the concepts and sizes. Speaking of massaging bodybuilders, we will mean men with a body weight of more than 90 or 100 kilos, with decent muscles. In turn, we will have all the guys with a girls like bodybuilders body weight of 70-90 kilos, who have certain muscular massifs, will be pumped up.

In the UK, a sociological survey was conducted on the composition of men who like women. Almost 80 percent of the respondents answered that the pumped man’s body not only does not lead them, but can even cause aesthetic rejection. In addition, bulging veins and muscles, tearing from under the clothes, also most women do not like.

As an ideal male figure, many celebrated Brad Pitt from the movie “Fight Club”. As a result, we can conclude that women like guys who watch their bodies and are very pumped. But when the hall becomes the main passion in life, then everything can end badly.

Why women are not attracted to huge muscles?

Often, the guys are sure that having the big muscles, as a guide, take the same Iron Arnie, they can only attract women’s attention to them and their lives will change for the better. However, in practice this is not always the case, because women are less visually oriented in girls like bodybuilders comparison with men.

Any guy can just lose his head, barely seeing a physically attractive girl. Sexual curves of the body cause a storm of emotions. But for many women muscular male body is only an external decoration and nothing more. Girls are much more attracted to the character or actions of a guy, rather than musculature. This indicates the rationality of women’s choices. Men easily start courting any attractive special opposite sex, but women do not focus on appearance.

A man can be well-pumped and have a superbly built body, but if his inner world is poor, then a great chance that most women will prodinamit. As a result, we can conclude that to attract women’s attention, some muscles are not enough. Ask any bodybuilder about the purpose of his work in the hall, and hardly anyone will answer that he swings to attract women.

How many muscular masses do they want to recruit?

Again, we have to turn to the results of research. A sociological survey on this topic was conducted in the United States. By its results, it became known that many men are quite enough to gain about 15 kilos of muscle mass. Most often, respondents called numbers from 13 to 15 kilos.

bodybuildersIn addition, the researchers decided to find out the opinion of women on the attractiveness of the complexion of the male body. Most of the survey participants found attractive guys who managed to gain 7-10 kilos. But the professional girls like bodybuilders builders who have more than 15 kilos of muscle of special delight in women are not called. It’s no secret that over the last decade, women have become more independent and quite often they are the head of the family. Sometimes men when talking about the goals of recruiting the masses noted precisely the opportunity to strengthen their courageous positions in the family.

I also want to say about such a concept as the “point of diminishing returns”. It will help us to answer the question, to what size it is worth swinging. Having reached this point, you will not be able to continue to gain weight in a natural way. If you need to progress further, then without the use of anabolic drugs can not do.

What do women want?

Probably someone remembers a film with the same name, in which he starred Mel Gibson. Let’s try to answer this question ourselves. No one will argue that in modern society the appearance of a person has a significant influence. But it is important to remember that muscles are only one component of such a thing, as a person, and not the most important part.

Women need a man next to whom you can safely be called a person. For them, first of all, the character, confidence in one’s own strength, ability to make decisions and conduct a quiet conversation is important. Equally important is the social status. Any woman wants to be girls like bodybuilders not only assured herself, but she wishes the same for her offspring.

It is these indicators that women primarily value in a man. Do not think that by pumping huge muscles, you will immediately become the object of adoring a large number of girls. The size of the muscles can not talk about the man’s manliness and this must always be remembered.

Why do women like muscular men?

We already know that the inflated guys attract girls. Let’s try to figure out why this happens, because for a woman the visual component is not as important as for men. Here are a few reasons why women like muscular guys.

  1. Elimination of unwanted fans. Women like attention, but it should not be intrusive. Any attractive girl easily finds a lot of fans. If next to her will be a hard-working guy, then many problems with extra attention will be resolved, because he will easily rebuff especially annoying personalities.
  2. Thrift. If a woman sees a man with broad shoulders, then it immediately comes to her mind about his economic potential. This concept girls like bodybuilders should be understood as how well it beautiful bodycan ensure its life. Every woman wants to have a roof over her head, but it’s also important that she does not leak. A muscular guy from this point of view looks most attractive.
  3. Defender. The guy with the inflated muscles looks great, and the girl in his company feels protected. She is no longer afraid to walk along a dark street. Agree, a sense of security is very important for any woman.
  4. Taming of the Shrew. Women are by their nature players and, possessing a muscular man, they are sure they could break a great jackpot. There is no interest in winning a botanist from the nearest library, because it’s so nice to “snoop” a guy who “dries” half of the female population of the district. To tame the alpha male is much more difficult and the victory gives the woman a lot of fun.
  5. Desire to feel like a princess. Next to the big guy, the girl feels like a princess, albeit small. The more the boyfriend, the stronger the sense of femininity. Most girls want to feel their physical weakness before a partner. They find something exciting when they are in strong men’s arms.
  6. Ability to solve various problems. In addition to physical strength in the inflated men, women need to feel that their partner is strong in spirit and can solve various problems. Strong hands help overcome all obstacles and save the woman, while saving her from a lot of worries.
  7. A good earner. Physical strength has attracted women since ancient times. Such partners can bring a mammoth carcass from the hunt and cover the floor of the dwelling with the bears’ skins. In the subconscious and today any woman is sure that girls like bodybuilders strength is a sign of an excellent earner.
  8. Passionate partner. It is quite obvious that a strong guy is capable not only of easily transferring weights. He must be able to kindle a passion in a woman who literally knocks down. Women are well aware that a strong man has a high level of testosterone, which implies his ability to satisfy all desires in bed.
  9. Pride. Every girl spends a lot of time cleaning up her appearance. If her partner makes an effort to improve her body, then it just can not help. To such a person a woman will treat with respect and be proud, not only them, but also herself – she was able to conquer it and bypassed many other women.
  10. Envy. In our life, competition is observed in everything. There is also between women. When the girl managed to conquer a muscular guy, she feels some superiority over girlfriends who have “simple peasants”. Girlfriends in this situation will definitely be jealous and eventually her status increases.

What muscles do women like?

One interesting study was conducted, in which the muscles with the greatest attraction for women were studied. As a result, the TOP of the muscle groups on the male body is as follows:

  • press;
  • triceps with biceps;
  • shoulder girdle;
  • chest;
  • buttocks.

During the training, pay special attention to the muscles mentioned above. This will help you to prick a feminine look to yourself. We also looked at some prints and in one of them we also showed the results of a similar study. They were similar to girls like bodybuilders  those of which we spoke above. The difference is that the hands were first, and the press with the muscles of the chest took second place. Also in the top hit the shoulder girdle. Now you have guidelines and you know what to swing to attract female attention. Certainly, each person is individual and women’s priorities may differ. However, the need to maintain the shape of your body can not be doubted. This will help you not only to attract the attention of girls, but also to increase self-esteem.