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growth hormone

Today we are waiting for an interesting article. On the one hand, it is far from “pumping” subjects, but on the other hand it has the most direct relation to it, because it allows you to control the development of muscle mass. “Manipulator” is called the growth hormone, and it is the most powerful stimulating factor in the pumping of iron muscles.

A growth hormone

So, in the course of the article you will learn what a growth hormone is, why it is needed at all, how you can manage your hormonal growth processes and much more from the same series.

Well, let’s start a little pole, let’s go.

What is growth hormone?

In our previous articles, in particular, in this And in this [Lactic acid], we talked about factors that affect the anabolic functions of the body. It’s good that we paid attention to them, but from under our watchful eye the “chemical” component of this process escaped, i.e. we completely forgot about hormones. But they, in particular, endogenous – testosterone and growth hormone, are one of the main triggers in the development of a harmonious and proportional body.

We will just talk about one of them (the last one) further.

HGHIf you raise the overseas literature, then usually there is a growth hormone called HGH (growth hormon), STG or somatotropin. It is the hormone of the anterior lobe of the pituitary with a peptide structure (ie, consists of 191 amino acids), which is used to form muscle mass and build a delineated muscle relief. It is produced by the endocrine gland in a relatively small amount throughout the life of a person.

The hormone is named so not with a simple, because it causes (usually in young people) a pronounced linear growth due to the development of the tubular bones of the extremities. The average concentration of this hormone in the human body is about 1-5 ng / ml, in the peak period it can rise to 45 ng / ml.

In addition to taking his direct part in stimulating muscle growth, he also:

  • normalizes metabolic processes (more proteins are spent on building muscles, less fat is deposited in reserve);
  • inhibits muscle catabolic processes;
  • intensifies the process of lipolysis (burning) of fats;
  • increases the stock of glycogen depot in the liver;
  • allows quickly regenerate new tissues and heal wounds;
  • increases the size and number of cells of the liver, genital and thymus glands;
  • improves skin tone (regulates the synthesis of collagen);
  • increases the growth of young people until the closure of growth zones (25 years);
  • strengthens the joint-ligament apparatus;
  • increases sexual activity;
  • improves lipid composition of blood (reduces “bad” cholesterol).

It should be noted that somatotropin “works” not alone, but in conjunction with the hormone IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor). The latter is produced in the liver under the influence of growth hormone and stimulates the growth of almost all internal organs. If we consider the positive effects of growth hormone in sports (in particular in bodybuilding), then they are all related to the direct action of the hormone IGF-1.

Somatotropin in bodybuilding. Natural stimulation of the growth factor.

Any athlete is more interested in how the “maximum” can be used such a powerful anabolic growth factor.

Well, firstly, it is worth bearing in mind that growth hormone can be used for weight loss in view of its high ability to influence the metabolic rate. We know that any cell of the human body is fed by either glucose or fatty acids (LC). The amount of glucose is regulated by insulin, the number of fatty acids is a “growing” hormone.

It turns out that the body begins to lose weight and burn fat, he needs to give the installation switch to the “fat” channels and eat them, and not glucose. We can not exert any feasible influence on insulin, because its task is to keep the sugar level in norm and to force the cells to consume glucose. But somatotropin can cause the cell to feed on the LCD and reduce its need for glucose consumption.

To do this exercise, it (the hormone) needs to be embedded in the membranes of fat cells and serve as a transport system for them, which takes and injects the LC into the blood, giving them oxygen. Those. it turns out that growth hormone can trigger lipolysis (the process of cleavage of fat cells by the body itself), and it occurs when cells experience acute need in the LC.

Secondly, it’s no secret that when it comes to the growth hormone with regard to bodybuilding, then there are different medicines and injections that stimulate the growth of the musculature. However, as I said many times before, I am for “pure” sports and natural results, so we will not consider the pharmacological properties of this drug here.


Today we examined growth hormone from all the parties we need, and we can draw the following conclusion. Undoubtedly, somatotropin is a powerful anabolic muscle development factor, which simply must be in the arsenal of any aspiring (and not only) bodybuilder. Here the main thing to remember is that there are a lot of natural ways to increase its content in the body, and therefore there is no need to resort to “chemistry”.